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Roberto Larraguibel,
Alfonso Matías Hermosilla,
Nury Gaviola

Interactive sound work

Reflejo Sonoro, Colectivo BiotroniK 2.0

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile, Enero/abril 2015

On the work Mecanogangster:

Drosophila  Melanogaster:

Fly widely used in laboratory experimentation that owes its value to a short growth cycle, life cycle and simple chromosome load, specifically relevant to genetic studies.



Denomination created for, pseudo-namesake (homophone), mechatronic, main actor in the MNBA hall intallation, accompained by its swarm: beings morphologically similar, yet distinct; officials paradoxes of public (or private) institutions whose role is completely specified in a 'charge' assigned, subject to guidelines and regulations.

Interestingly, the human community, because cultural and technological complexity around which organizes and defines itself, inhabits the institutional space as well as public space indistinctly, leading to a travesty of roles and functions; currently    -in conceptual and pragmatic terms- incompatible in nature.

In effect, the individual passes through such cultural travesty of functions, relationships and viewpoints; transvestism, as a reference to the individual -the subject- walking regularly and systematically from the public sphere to the institutional (private or governmental), supposedly endowed with freedoms, to then be forced to abandon his role as an autonomous subject, often in contradiction with the ruling institutionally which he himself help to create (through accepting mechanisms of democracy, ex.), to become an official subject to regulations, deprived of the ‘wanted to be’ to adopt roles 'owe to be' in a dynamic that restricts their existential space attenuating its autonomy .

Democracy, as a means of expressing public or individual citizen’s choosing of social guidelines, lead institutions to function based on statutory bodies and programs that, in its average value, represent majority opinion and the most remarkable minority trends; having to take into account that averages exclude all details and subtleties leaving at last the feeling -from the civilian point of view, from the man on the street- such entries do not represent truly nor particularly anyone: the so-called spaces of freedom, then, can be seriously restricted.

How to achieve from the administrative, productive or governmental institutions to stand in 'tune' with the public affair; in a 'resonant' dynamic process, so that the social dialogue exchange be 'harmonious'; say, requires the intervention or investment of minimum coercive resources; energetic, at last?

Where the works converge:

Such problem is what Immanence of Air and Mecanogangsters works talk us about. Diversity and dynamism of the public in 'dialogue' with institutional entities, latter, of structured nature, normed, rigid.

The breathing mentioned can find 'resonance' among the entities that live inside, entelechies by definition immutable, structured, scheduled: the Mecanogangsters. From there, a dissonant dialogue that sometimes transmutes and resonates, reveal operational harmony causing choreographic 'dances' of the mechatronic, which in turn couple resonance to the roof of the building.

Suddenly, due to the proactive meeting of public and institutional, the sound performance plays a virtual drama emanating from states of identity recognition of the said transvestism, described as an act of liberation and deep understanding of the existential facets inhabited by the individual, so the Self.

A waltz represents disregard that originates in the spheres of institutional power towards the individual, towards the collective, the civilian; that sometimes becomes a farce that distorts the colors, mix the cries and moans of the Mecanogangsters bugs to convert the whole into a circus of trivial and vulgar.

Texts emitted by MECANOGANSTERS compiled by Nury Gaviola

Drawn words of textual work of each of the artists and recomposed following the conceptual aesthetic line of work MECANOGANSTERS. This text was translated into 10 languages issued in multiple voices.

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