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Roberto Larraguibel / BIO


Is a chilean New Media artist born in 1957 who is a pioneer in Chile in the development of art and technology models. He has a background based on electronic engineering that explores in the field of instrumentation research and production. Since 1998, he begins to incorporate HCI (Human Computer Interaction), psychophysics, and diagnostic applications in his creations. He experiments applying new audio-visual resources, designing the intervention of monumental spaces, and innovative presentation formats for videos within his installations . He has participated and colaborated with several chilean artists, such as Lotty Rosenfeld, Rivera-Seguel, Demian Schopf, and Alicia Villareal among others.

In 2003 he participates in the 6th Biennial of Video and New Media in Santiago, with an installation of light, sound, and video based on an interpretation of signals of equilibrium, SICO-CIBER-ARTE. In 2006, he collaborates with Nury Gaviola (, Víctor Larraguibel and Lotty Rosenfeld, in the creation of a permanent piece for Santiago’s Museo de la Solidaridad (Solidarity Museum), that embodied a Memorial of Salvador Allende (an installation composed of a kinetic sculpture, a sonorous sculpture, and an installation of objects that summarize the voices of an entire period in the history of Chile). In 2008, he participates in the DigitalChile_08 collective new media exhibition at SAT Gallery, Montreal, Canada, with the Equilibrium_Explorer installation, in which visual perception is manipulated by the subject’s Bio-feedback scheme. It goes back in Contemporary Art Museum in Santiago in March of that year. In 2009 he worked on [re][des]arm[o] installation for Santiago’s Museo de las Artes Visuales, MAVI (Museum of Visual Arts). In 2012 presented a light art installation on Galleria Macchina, Santiago/Chile.

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