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Nury Gaviola / BIO

Chilean New Media artist, born in 1957. Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Literature (San Jose State University, San Jose, CA. U.S.A) and a post-graduate degree in Aesthetics (Universidad Católica de Chile). Since 1990 she has worked for technology based companies in Chile. From 1995 to 2001, she was the executive producer of Octubre Cine y TV, (dedicated to commercial and artistic film). She has worked as General and Creative Producer in national and international initiatives in various stages of creative design, development and fabrication of new multimedia technologies. These events include: 1998 – 2nd Presidential Summit of the Americas; 1999 – Chilean Pavillion, Guest of Honor in the International Book Fair, Guadalajara, México; 1999 – Design and Production of Chile’s participation in Hannover’s International Fair.
From 2001, she works alongside Roberto Larraguibel in artOficio, a chilean company that is a pioneer in the development of proposals that join Art, Science, and Technology. She has participated in various installations of Chilean artists, such as Lotty Rosenfeld, Rivera-Seguel, Demian Schopf, Alicia Villareal, among others. She also has participated in the conceptual, development, execution, and installation process of 3 commemorative works for the installation “Memorial de Allende” Museo de la Solidaridad (“Allende Memorial” Solidarity Museum). In 2009 she participated in [re][des]arm[o], an installation presented at the Santiago’s Museo de las Artes Visuales, MAVI (Museum of Visual Arts). In 2012 presented a light art installation on Galleria Macchina, Santiago/Chile.

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