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Colour exercises I /Valparaíso In Light 


Based on five luminous objects with different formats, joined together by external light and effects we wish to make the audience take part in an aesthetic experience that brings together art, design and technology by means of a common protagonist, which is light.


This work, which can be classified as "Light Art" is part of a piece of research  that we have been carrying out  these  past years thanks to the current  RGB lighting systems and the development of  digital control  techniques  that  have enabled  us to work  with complex combinations of light projections. This work has been carried out in our workshops, and in eludes a variety of areas of expertise such as engineering, electronics, manufacturing, design, sound, poetry and art, all of which come together in a single experience.

Sound and lighting effects are composed to i intensify the spatial dramatization created by colour and the reverberations of the inner landscape created in the gallery.

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